Taps and dies

we offer manual and machine taps, dies

We sell wholesale and retail quantities of manual and machine taps, metric and inch. We offer metric taps (DIN 371, DIN 376), short chamfer taps (DIN 374), machine taps for nuts (NGMf), metric-hand (DIN 352), hand taps for metric fine threads (DIN 2181). Depending on the intended use, taps have titanium and cobalt additives.

We also sell general purpose dies made of high speed steel. Our offer includes dies for metric, normal and fine threads.

Professional cutting tools proven quality, reasonable prices

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Our offer

Thousands of products: end-mills, carbide inserts, measuring tools, holders and much more. We offer products of different brands, from different manufacturers - adjusted for our customer's needs.

end mills PA/PG, drills, finger milling cutter, carbide end mills

carbide inserts (turning inserts)

milling heads and tool holders

turning tools

Clamping tools: holders, sleeve, collets, lathe chucks...

taps and dies

reamers and countersinks

Machine and table vices

Measuring tools: manual and digital calipers, electronic meters, micrometers and more

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