Specialized holders


Vices and holders

specialized holders and vices

Tar-G company sells specialized holders and vices available in various sizes.

We offer drill chucks, lathe chucks, knobs and holders for threads. On sale we have several types of manual holders: self-centering spiral holders, holders with independent jaw adjustment, combination holders, adjustable holders, self-centering rack and pinion, drill bit sharpening holders, as well as chucks and housings with Morse taper.

In addition, we offer mechanical lathe chucks: clamping, chuck with and without through-hole, chucks integrated with pneumatic cylinder and other special holders.

We have a wide offer for vices for various applications: grinding, locksmiths, manual, machine vices and precision vices.

Professional cutting tools proven quality, reasonable prices

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Our offer

Thousands of products: end-mills, carbide inserts, measuring tools, holders and much more. We offer products of different brands, from different manufacturers - adjusted for our customer's needs.

end mills PA/PG, drills, finger milling cutter, carbide end mills

carbide inserts (turning inserts)

milling heads and tool holders

turning tools

Clamping tools: holders, sleeve, collets, lathe chucks...

taps and dies

reamers and countersinks

Machine and table vices

Measuring tools: manual and digital calipers, electronic meters, micrometers and more

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