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Cutting tools distributor

Professinal end-mills, carbide inserts, drill and other tools

Tar-G company was established in 1995. From the beginning we import and distribute cutting tools of all kinds. We are stable company with long tradition, which step by step increases amount of products in our offer. We deal with wholesale and retail orders.

We offer tested, high quality tools. We chose wisely our suppliers to keep good quality and stable prices. You can find in our offer: end-mills, carbide inserts, turning knives, holders, taps, lathe chucks, vices, reamers, countersinks... as well as measuring tools. Moreover you can find many other special tools and equipment for professional processing and cutting of raw materials.

Import is an important part of our business. We try to search for products under special orders, you can just send us a detailed inquiry. We have many years of experience in importing cutting tools. We have proven suppliers who care about the quality of products and timely delivery.

In addition to selling end-mills and other cutting tools, we also provide technical consultancy. We help choose the right products, use substitutes and discuss functional and application issues of tools offered by us.

Our biggest advantage is the speed of order processing. If the products are directly available in our warehouse we send them within 24-48 hours.

All enquiries by e-mail we try to reply within 30 minutes!

We always care about the orders of our regular customers and try to attract new customers. Welcome to cooperate with us! more


Special offers

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PLN 120,00 /pc

Czytelna suwmiarka z dużymi cyframi

Category: suwmiarki

Size: L150mm / 0,05mm

Specification: Precyzyjna i czytelna suwmiarka marki Guanglu

Description: Oferujemy czytelne suwmiarki manualne w kilku rozmiarach:

L150mm / 0,05mm 120,00 zł brutto
L200mm / 0,05mm 179,00zł brutto
L300mm /0,05mm 260,00zł brutto

Suwmiarki firmy Guanglu gwarantują precyzję i ułatwiają pracę.

W naszej ofercie także inne produkty tej marki: czujniki zegarowe, suwmiarki cyfrowe, mikrometry elektroniczne, suwmiarki kątowe i modułowe, czujniki zegarowe, mierniki, głębokościomierze i inne.

Submission date: 2020-07-31

Promotion valid till: 2020-10-29

Net price: 97,56 PLN

Gross price: 120,00 PLN

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PLN 300,00 /pc

Imadło maszynowe QH 125mm, obrotowe

Category: imadla

Size: 125 mm

Specification: Imadło maszynowe obrotowe 125 mm wykonane z wysokojakościowego żeliwa.

Description: Możliwość odkręcenia imadła od obrotowej podstawy, kostki teowe pasują do imadła i podstawy.

Wymiary imadła:
- szerokość szczęk 125mm
- rozstaw max szczęk 100mm
- wysokość szczęk 40mm
- długość 301mm
- szerokość 160mm
- wysokość 122mm
- obrotnica 360
- waga 17kg

Submission date: 2020-07-31

Promotion valid till: 2020-10-29

Net price: 243,90 PLN

Gross price: 300,00 PLN

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Tar-G company - professionalism for many years

Tar-G Artykuly Techniczne company has many years of experience in import and sales of professional cutting tools and measuring equipment.

Thousands of satisfied customers

Tar-G company sells verified, high-quality cutting tools and measuring tools. We pay attention to quality and we are concerned about our customers satisfaction. We provide technical help, we advise to select proper tools.


We sell our products, we send parcels by courier in whole Poland. We also keep many items in stock and we are able to ship order within 24 hours. Customers can also visit us personally in Radom city, where we have our warehouse and headquarter.

Reasonable prices

We offer thousands of different products. Not only quality is the feature of our products, but also reasonable price. As a wholesaler of cutting tools we try to distribute our products with competitive prices. Same time we sell also retail quantities in our warehouse and by mail.

Special orders

Thanks to our long experience, good contact with suppliers and factories we are able also to find special products according to customer's requirements. You just need send us enquiry with details, technical drawings or arrange sample for us. Welcome to start cooperation with us!

Our offer

Thousands of products: end-mills, carbide inserts, measuring tools, holders and much more. We offer products of different brands, from different manufacturers - adjusted for our customer's needs.

end mills PA/PG, drills, finger milling cutter, carbide end mills

carbide inserts (turning inserts)

milling heads and tool holders

turning tools

Clamping tools: holders, sleeve, collets, lathe chucks...

taps and dies

reamers and countersinks

Machine and table vices

Measuring tools: manual and digital calipers, electronic meters, micrometers and more

Cutting tools verified quality, reasonable price

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Our team

We are family company with many years of experience in cutting tools, special tools and measuring equipment. We can help with selecting correct tools, we provide technical support for our customers.

Dyrektor Tar-G

Robert Kiljan

Technical support and sales
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Documentation and sales
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Order processing and technical help

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